Save the Redwoods

On the Courthouse property there are two large, old redwood trees. They are estimated to be over 100 years old. They are not to be saved according to Trammell-Crow’s plan to develop over a hundred condos on the 2935 Telegraph property.

Part of the permitting process was to get tree permits for the two redwoods trees as they qualify for heritage tree status. When Robert Brokl inquired with the city about the tree removal permit, he was told that it was a ‘done deal’ finished back in May. Members of our Save The Courthouse group noticed that the following permitting requirements were not met:

  • no public sign posted on the property listing the permit #, trees and public input phone number
  • no tags on the trees themselves
  • adjacent property owners weren’t all notified

After it was brought to the attention of the city of Oakland’s planning department that developer Trammell-Crow were again, not following properĀ  procedure, signs appeared on the trees and at the front of the property. These signs however, were not the official red permits issued by the city nor did they have the correct permit and public input dates on them. By August 24th, newer signs have been posted. They now give a public input time deadline in September.

Please call the city phone number to protest the cutting down these heritage trees!
Call (510) 615-5850


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