Maybe Jerry Brown Will Notice?

I just noticed on Jerry Brown’s Facebook ‘fan page’ that he was fighting to protect trees. Ironically, members of the Oakland Planning Commision that he appointed don’t seem to care so much. Commissioners Zayas-Mart and Colbruno voted to destroy the over 100 year old Redwoods as well as the historic Courthouse building on Telegraph Ave.

An interesting hypocrisy is that commissioner Madeleine Zayas-Mart¬† works for the SF architectural firm Solomon ETC/WRT which touts, “committed to sustainable design and ecological principles” and cared so much for using ‘green’ building materials in the ugly¬† building that will replace a historic brick structure and chop down over 100 year old redwood trees.

I posted a comment to Jerry’s page with the request that he maybe talk some sense into them. Maybe he’ll make better appointments next time.

Jerry Brown's Facebook Fan Page

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